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Frequently Asked Questions

Can All-Sharp alter my existing tools?
Yes! Along with our sharpening services we can also alter a tool to your specifications. You can supply us with the tool or we can save you time and freight charges by ordering it for you.

Some of the alterations we routinely perform are angles on end mills, corner radii, sizing end mills and much more. Just fax us a sketch of the tool you need and you will receive a response that same day.

What is your standard turnaround? Normally we can deliver tools in 1 2 weeks. If you have a rush job we make every effort to meet your scheduling requirements.

Do you charge a premium for rush deliveries? Definitely not! We realize that sometimes tools break or tool requirements may get overlooked in job planning. At All-Sharp we make every effort to keep your machines running and making chips.

What is a recondition charge? Reconditioning is performed if a tool is damaged and needs additional work other than standard resharpening. The most common recondition charge is cutting off the end of a broken end mill and reforming the flutes.

The charge for this on a HSS end mill will range from $2.00 to $6.00 depending on the size. If more expensive work is needed we will get your approval before proceeding.

To get started using All-Sharp's high-quality resharpened cutting tools, call Bob at (207)363-2442.

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