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Identasizing Helps Reduce Labor Costs

Making Money Is Hard Work...
In today´s highly competetive manufacturing environment it´s tough to make money. Every company, from the giant corporations to the tiniest job shops are constantly looking at areas where they can cut expenses.

Recognizing this, All-Sharp developed and implemented its Identasize™ cutter diameter marking system. This unique system will save the time and headaches associated with having to remove the protective coating and measure countless cutting tools trying to find the right tool for the job.

How Effective Is The Identasize™ System? Let´s say one of your highly paid machinists needs to find a certain size cutting tool on 3 different occasions over the course of a day. On each occasion they take 10 minutes to peel off the protective coating and measure numerous tools until they find the size they want. Total time spent searching for tools: 30 minutes. Repeating this procedure on a daily basis over the course of a year soon adds up to a lot of non- productive man-hours in your shop!

You Save Money With Identasize™ With our Identasize marking system, however, you´ll eliminate this expensive practice. Because the label on all your tools can be easily read, a particular size tool can be located in 1 to 2 minutes! The Identasize™ system has turned 30 minutes of down time into 25 minutes of valuable production time! So let your machinists do what they get paid to do....cut metal... and leave the rest to All-Sharp!

To get started using All-Sharp's high-quality resharpened cutting tools, call Bob at (207)363-2442.

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