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All-Sharp Saves You 40% - 80% On Tooling Costs!

Resharpening Saves You Big Money!

When we asked machine shop managers what their biggest expenses were, we consistently received two answers: tooling costs and labor costs.

While our Identasize™ system will save your company on labor costs, resharpening used tools as opposed to purchasing new tools will cut your tooling costs substantially as you will see by the following examples.

Compare And See Your Savings...For example, let´s take a 1.5" four flute HSS end mill... cost new $75.00...cost to resharpen $7.30! Or how about a 1" four flute carbide endmill... cost new $195.00...cost to resharpen just $13.00!!

In today´s dog-eat-dog manufacturing environment where a few pennies can mean the difference between winning or losing a job, it´s impossible to overlook savings like this!

To get started using All-Sharp's high-quality resharpened cutting tools, call Bob at (207)363-2442.

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