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Making Chips Is Your Business...Saving You Money Is Ours!

Don´t let the high cost of new tooling eat up your profits! If you´re not using All-Sharp´s resharpened and Identasized™ cutting tools, you´re losing money on every job you cut!!

The All Sharp Guarantee

At All-Sharp, we are committed to providing our customers outstanding service as well as the craftsmanship that ensures your satisfaction. Your tools receive quality treatment every step of the way.

We guarantee that your cutting tools will be sharpened to like-new condition. No more negative rake angles, no more cutting with one flute and no more saw-like edges!

To get started using All-Sharp's high-quality resharpened cutting tools,call Bob at the number below now.Or if you like, click here to send us an email.

All-Sharp Services
248 Ridge Road
PO Box 370
York Beach, ME 03910

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